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ixFintech Group Partners with Overseas Technology Companies to Augment ixWallet against Mounting Cyber Security Risks

26 May 2021

Hong Kong, China – IX Fintech Group (ixFintech) is honoured to announce its collaboration with two overseas technology companies to augment the security and protection of ixWallet against mounting cyber-threats. The upgrade is targeted to be rolled out by 3rd Qtr 2021.


Polydigi Tech Ltd is an UK based technology company providing patented digital ID verification solution – s-Factr™ which will be applied to ixWallet to safeguard customers’ identity against cyber-criminals. Customers’ identity will be fully authenticated by  s-Factr™ before accessing any digital services offered through ixWallet. 


01 Communique Laboratory inc. is a Canadian technology company specialising in post quantum cyber-security. Its patent-pending cryptography solution, IronCAP will be applied to ixWallet to protect all the in-wallet digital services so that every transaction is secured against both classical and quantum computer threats. This is a continuation of the successful launch of our world’s first quantum safe Digital Asset Exchange machine last year (please refer to the related announcement on 11 Dec 2020 on “ixFintech Group’s New DAEM Landing at Cyberport, Hong Kong”)


“We are delighted and very honoured to work with two technology leaders to deliver a complete e-wallet security solution to protect our customers’ valuable digital assets. In addition, this will help us to prepare for the upcoming regulatory requirements on digital ID Framework and post quantum cryptography standards. The augmented ixWallet will be the enabler to further expand our digital assets businesses according to our strategic plan”, said Irene Wong, the founder and CEO of ixFintech. “We always thrive to achieve the best-in-class fintech solutions to stay ahead in the financial industry, to explore more possibilities for the future. We are confident that ixWallet is the e-wallet of choice to move in line with the world digital asset development and customer demand.”


“We are thrilled to be part of this collaboration in the joint project for these exciting new products” said Curtis Chan, the founder and the CEO of Polydigi Tech.


Andrew Cheung, President and CEO of 01 Communique, commented, “Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now under close scrutiny especially for their end-point infrastructure.  We welcome ixFintech’s industry leadership to adopt our IronCAP technology to protect valuable digital assets not only today but also in the fast-approaching quantum era.”


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About ixFintech

ixFintech Limited is a Hong Kong based Fintech company with mission to bridge the traditional finance and new digital finance in a secured and compliant way. As a former participant of the Cyberport Hong Kong Incubation Program, ixFintech graduated by launching the ixOption App in August 2018, aiming to improve financial literacy on derivatives and was awarded with the ET Net Fintech Award 2018. The app was also awarded with the “Top 10 Trading Solution Providers in APAC 2019” by CIO magazine in the USA. In October 2019, ixFintech was named as one of the “50 Innovative Companies to Watch” by The Silicon Review magazine in the US. Over the years, ixFintech strive to provide innovation on different Fintech areas including cross boarder payment solution, blockchain technology, wealth management and trading platform etc. and gained market recognition from different awards. In January 2020, ixFintech is honoured to have received, for the second time, an award from ETNet Hong Kong on the Hong Kong Fintech Awards 2019 (wealth and investment section) for its ixCrypto Index Platform with the first crypto index in Hong Kong. During the same year, ixFintech was awarded the Silver Award in Innovative Tech of IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards 2019. In October 2020, ixFintech was awarded “Startup of the Year” in Hong Kong Fintech Impetus Awards by Metro Broadcast and KPMG on its new product- world first post-quantum-safe digital asset exchange machine (“DAEM”), that can facilitate cash transaction on cryptos and digital asset tokens. This year 2021, for the third time, ixFintech was awarded the ET Net Fintech Awards 2020 for its DAEM and ixCircle Platform – a startups/investors matching platform.




About Polydigi Tech

Following an invitation from the United Kingdom Department of International Trade, Polydigi Tech established its Headquarter in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2019. Polydigi Tech is an innovative cybersecurity company that specialises in cutting-edge identity verification technologies. To counter the ever-growing risk of cyber-threats, Polydigi Tech has developed various patented and patent-pending innovative solutions including mobile phone based multi-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and hardware protection for IoT devices and networks.

For more details about Polydigi Tech please visit our website at



About 01 Communique

Established in 1992, 01 Communique (TSX-V: ONE; OTCQB: OONEF) has always been at the forefront of technology. The Company’s cyber security business unit focuses on post-quantum cybersecurity with the development of its IronCAP™ technology. IronCAP™’s patent-pending cryptographic system is an advanced Goppa code-based post-quantum cryptographic technology that can be implemented on classical computer systems as we know them today while at the same time can also safeguard against attacks in the future post-quantum world of computing. The Company’s remote access business unit provides its customers with a suite of secure remote access services and products under its I’m InTouch and I’m OnCall product offerings. The remote access offerings are protected in the U.S.A. by its patents #6,928,479 / #6,938,076 / #8,234,701; in Canada by its patents #2,309,398 / #2,524,039 and in Japan by its patent #4,875,094. For more information, visit the Company’s web site at and       


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