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Newswire 19 Nov, 2019

01 Communique Enters into a Memorandum of Understanding with IxFintech Limited of Hong Kong

Capital Markets CIO Outlook 19 Nov, 2019

ixfintech the Future of Options Tading

Capital Markets CIO Outlook 2019

‘Our Mission is to Promote Derivatives products for Wealth Management. Helping Investors mitigate risks nd maximize gains from investing in Structured Products’: IxFintech Limited, a Hong Kong-based Startup, is Set to Break New Ground in the Fintech Space.

South China Morning Post  23 Aug, 2018

New bids to attract IT talent to Hong Kong will help, but city faces tech sector challenges, experts say

NBC Right Now 23 Aug, 2018

IxFintech Launches Hong Kong’s First One-stop Option Information App “ixOption”

Sing Tao Daily(IT Square) 22 Aug, 2018


Tech Ritual 20 Aug, 2018

IxFintech推出全港首個全方位期權應用程式「期權王」 整合期權教育、風險管理和交易資訊,助投資者掌握先機

IT Pro 17 Aug, 2018

IxFintech推「期權王」集期權教育、風險管理和交易資訊 16 Aug, 2018

提供免費期權資訊!IxFintech 推「期權王」手機程式教育投資者

PC Tech 15 Aug,2018

IxFintech 推出全港首個全方位期權應用程式「期權王」

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